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Manufacturer: Konami Machine: Super NES Difficulty: Moderate Available: June 1992 No. of Levels: 6 Theme: Action Destroy The Vile Red Falcon! It is the year 2636 and the earth has been invaded by a hostile alien life form known as the Red Falcon. Unfortunately this is not their first visit to our humble home planet….

  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: June 1992
  • No. of Levels: 6
  • Theme: Action

Destroy The Vile Red Falcon!

It is the year 2636 and the earth has been invaded by a hostile alien life form known as the Red Falcon. Unfortunately this is not their first visit to our humble home planet. Fortunately there are two brave soldiers that are ready to fight off the Red Falcon organization. These two warriors are descendants of Mad Dog and Scorpion, the heroic contras that destroyed the Red Falcon in previous invasions. Contra 3: The Alien Wars is a shooting masterpiece. We’ve blown out this great cart just for you! Check out these killer strategies and awesome full color maps. Get ready to play like a Super NES pro and win big!

Mission One: The Streets of Neo City

  1. Watch out for the dogs when playing on normal or hard.
  2. Hop into the tank and plow through the enemies. Use it to destroy the wall.
  3. Be sure to get the Barrier so you can run through the flames.
  4. When this tank comes out, stay all the way to the left and shoot. It should be destroyed in no time.
  5. While crossing over this pit of lava, be sure to shoot downward.
  6. If you have trouble crossing you can destroy the fireballs and cross safely.

Boss One

This oversized turtle is a push-over. If you have crusher or lasers than just get in close and blast away.

Use a bomb for faster results.

Mission Two: Maria Calderon Highway

  1. Start your mission here. When you destroy the enemy turret you will get a Flame thrower. It is the only weapon that can shoot through the barrier.
  2. Watch out for the cracks in the bridge, because the ground will fall out from underneath you.
  3. All around this level there are land mines. They will not explode immediately so keep moving if you step on one.
  4. This turret will give you a Barrier or an extra Bomb at random. This should be the next turret you destroy.

Boss Two

This boss attacks by spinning at you. Keep moving to the right and blast the boss with lasers when it stops spinning. If you damage the boss it will fly up into the air and dive towards you at great speeds. Press jump to duck under its shots. Shoot it in the eye to kill it.

Mission Three: Abandoned Cyber Steel Mill

  1. You will face a swarm of vicious winged aliens. Do not let them take hold of you. Keep shooting and they’ll let you go.
  2. The best way to destroy this pest is with a Flame thrower. When it dies it will try to toss you into the abyss below so get all the way to the right. Stay to the right while the missiles pass by and you’ll be safe.
  3. This metallic menace will shoot missiles and scale the wall. Try to stay as close to its top foot as you can and shoot the missiles when possible.
  4. The best advice for avoiding his lightning fast rushes is to keep moving. Watch the eye, when it opens expect it to attack. When it attacks, try to get above or below it and aim at a 45-degree angle and blast away. It should be gone in no time.
  5. When the hovercraft gets on the screen, go all the way to the left and hold Right button and shoot at an angle. Watch for the winged soldiers that come from above.
  6. As you walk by here keep shooting to destroy the oncoming missiles.

Boss Three

When you first walk into the boss room, twin guardians will greet you. Use Crusher or Flames to destroy them quickly. Blast the red twin first and his torso will start jumping around. Climb to the top of the room and shoot down and the twins until both are dead. A huge skeleton will rip through the wall. He’ll send heat seeking fireballs after you and then chase you with a huge flame from his mouth. Shoot and climb in a clockwise pattern to defeat him. He also sets timed bombs out, so move fast or die.

Mission Four: The Battle of the Blazing Sky

  1. Stay left and shoot diagonally. When they throw bombs, just jump over them.
  2. You can safely destroy the tank and the jetpack aliens by staying to the left and blasting away.
  3. These cannons can be destroyed with constant firepower, but can be easily avoided without a fight.
  4. Use the Flame thrower and shoot upwards to toast the turrets that appear in this section.
  5. This part of the ship is hard to destroy, so just dodge it to live.
  6. Hold the Right button and stay in the middle of the screen while you burn these soldiers to a crisp.
  7. Try to stay halfway between the cannon and the right edge of the screen. When the cannon fires, jump over to the right to avoid the flames.
  8. Go to the left side of the screen and shoot diagonally while holding the Right button.
  9. Concentrated shots will keep this pest from hanging around.

Boss Four

It is best to take out the lower cannon and then go for the top. Once both are gone, concentrate on the big red eye. Watch out for the heat-seeking missiles it fires.

Mission Five: The Mucho Grande Badlands

  1. Everywhere in the level, there are moving patches of sand. Some will rotate and others will drag you towards the edges of the mesa. When destroying the turrets that ire surrounded by the sand, you must use the Left and Right buttons and rotate to counter the effects of the sand.
  2. Watch out for the bridges. They are timed to explode as you walk across them. Do not hesitate at all when crossing over them.

Boss Five

Giant sand worms will come out and try to drag you in. Destroy the sand worms to get power-ups and then get in close and blast the Boss in the eye.

Laser or Crusher will work best


Red Falcon’s Main Headquarters:

  1. Here you are greeted by an old familiar face. Use the Spread or another high power weapon and get in close to blow him away.
  2. At this point, you’ll need Spread and you must get in close to the heart and fire at an angle.
  3. This creature is only vulnerable when its face is showing. Watch out for its quick attacks and poisonous shots.
  4. Be sure to get the Crusher.
  5. At first, it will lunge at you. Shoot straight up or down and you will inflict the most damage. Its next attack is more dangerous. When it appears climb down a little and blast on a 45 degree angle. Watch out for that tail!

Get Ready to Fight The Red Falcon Motherbrain!

First, you will have to fight a 3headed monster. Concentrate on the outer heads first and then go for the main face. Crusher and Laser work very well on this Boss. Alien drones will come from the outer faces after they are destroyed. When all 3 faces are killed, the Motherbrain will appear. It has 8 different forms and attacks very aggressively. Look at the strategies to the right to blow it away.

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